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Terms and Conditions

This Agreement was last modified on 02 October 2020.

The customer clarifies, acknowledge, and responsible for:

  1. Providing correct and accurate details in customer account for example (Full name, telephone number, location address … etc).
  2. Blue Bees is broker for order delivery, local or international seller that is specified in the site sells each product in customer order list / basket.
  3. The order acceptance will take place when we notify the customer in writing via Blue Bees app, email or mobile message. In case the order get rejected, the customer will be informed in written or by a call from our team members with full refund for any advance delivery payment paid by the customer to us.
  4. Delivering the order to the customer in shortest period of time based to the type of delivery service agreed on.
  5. Private / special customer orders for products that are not display on Blue Bees platform requires payment through bank transfer if the amount exceeds AED 800.
  6. Blue Bees has the right to remove or add any other payment methods that it accepts at any time without prior notice.
  7. Customer may cancel the order prior to order being in its way out for delivery without any delivery charges.
  8. Blue Bees may cancel the order if:
    • Customer failed to make payment when it is due.
    • Customer failed to provide us with information that is necessary to deliver the order
    • Customer failed within reasonable time to allow us to deliver the order to him / her or to collect the order from us.
  9. Delivery cost will be display to customer on our site.
  10. If the product delivery is delayed by an event outside of our control, then a member of our customer service team will contact the customer as soon as possible and take the necessary measures to minimize the effect of the delay.
  11. For products exchange, return or refund procedure, customer has to follow the seller terms and policies.
  12. Customer can arrange for product return delivery through the private / special orders forum. (Delivery charges applies).
  13. The customer acknowledge that accepting these terms and conditions considered as a signature.

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